Allentown, PA Mold Removal and Remediation

What is Mold?

Mold is a particular type of fungi.  Mold’s primary purpose is to decompose cellulose types of materials like trees, leaves or plants.  Molds are naturally occurring in just about any environment and are very resilient.

Mold needs three main things to survive: a Food Source, Oxygen and Moisture.  If mold cannot get one of these three main necessities, it will normally go dormant and not die.  It acts like a seed awaiting the right conditions and then will grow.

Since mold is so effective at decaying wood and other build materials, it should not be found growing within our homes.  Normal mold (or what we call Normal Fungal Ecology) exists when our interior levels of mold are approximately the same as the exterior levels and no visible mold growth is found.  When visible mold growth is found, typically our interior air levels rise and cause adverse affects to humans or pets.  Molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air.  Much like pollen, these spores float through the air and can then be breathed into our bodies, or land on our skin and thus can cause an allergic reaction.

Some molds compete against each other for food and resources and will emit toxins into the air to kill other molds.  These toxins are currently being studied on their effects on humans and animals.  Immediate effects are pulmonary and skin related.  If you suspect your home has mold, a professional inspection including a Moisture Intrusion Evaluation is strongly recommended.  The key to eliminating mold is tracking the moisture and eliminating the moisture.


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TruPro Restoration is a full-service mold company with over ten years of experience in mold removal, mold testing, and water restoration services.  We provide Allentown, PA mold removal services to residential and commercial clients.


Our professionals are certified and trained in matters concerning:

  • indoor air quality
  • mold testing
  • mold remediation
  • sewage cleanup
  • water damage
  • structural drying
  • moisture issues

Free consultations and lifetime warranties are available to clients in Allentown.

Our Allentown mold remediation services include:

Serving Northeast Pennsylvania Since 1999

TruPro Restoration has providing cleaning and restoration services to Pennsylvania clients since 1999.  We have performed restoration in homes, businesses, commercial buildings, and schools.

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“I can not say enough about [TruPro] – all the people I worked with were extremely helpful – I believe going above and beyond to assist me through this project.”

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